Pet Lodging


Paws by the Lake Pet Resort provides a variety of quality standard services for all of our boarding guests. These services include but are not limited to:

Potty Breaks

Our guests are escorted to natural grassy or artificial turf areas for bathroom breaks three times a day. Additional breaks available upon request. Standard potty times are morning, midday and evening (latest available 10 PM).


We provide premium veterinary food for all our boarding guests. If you prefer to bring your own food or your pet needs a special diet, we will be happy to accommodate. We provide two to three standard feedings per day, but we are flexible and can adjust meal times based on individual needs.

Freshen-Up Bathing

We don’t let our boarding guests go home dirty! If your pet has been swimming, playing in daycare, on a nature walk, or just having a leisure stay, they will get a complimentary freshen-up bath of feet, face, and fanny prior to departure. A complete bath is also available and recommended. This includes a nail trim, comb out, two soapy scrubs, a rinse, and a blow dry. These can be scheduled for the morning of departure. If you are interested in our complete grooming services, we invite you to check out our grooming packages at Polished Paws Grooming Salon & Boutique.

Plenty of TLC

At Paws by the Lake Pet Resort, we love our guests, and it shows. During your pet’s stay, we make every effort to get to know them and make them feel relaxed and comfortable. Our pet care attendants are very attentive to our guests’ needs and are always monitoring for when a pet needs a little extra attention.