Clean, Low-Stress All Breed Dog & Cat Pet Grooming

Our Pet Grooming Salon offers professional dog bathing for all breeds. After pet bathing, the dog grooming process includes a good comb-out to remove unwanted undercoat and any possible matting, a pre-clip if necessary, a nail trim, cleaning of the upper ears, removal of hair from ear canal, expressing of the anal glands, a sculpted style scissored to perfection. With your pet's grooming you can optimize your pet's coat by adding a sauna wrap, deep conditioning or hot oil treatment, mudd treatment or elbow and pad treatment.

Pet Grooming...Shedding Solutions

Shedless is a carefully designed and tested treatment program for pets that have a shedding problem. Within one or two treatments, your pet's coat will be relieved of 60% to 80% of dead unwanted hair. Because this process allows the follicles to breathe easier, it results in a clean, healthier skin and coat.
  Puppy Grooming...The Sooner The Better
Dog grooming is something your pet will experience all its life, so it is important to start young and develop tolerance, trust and good habits. We recommend that a puppy's first formal dog grooming occur at around 8 weeks of age and follow a regular schedule thereafter. Visiting the same groomer each time will bond your puppy and groomer thus avoiding fear and any undue stress.
Cat Grooming

Whether you desire a lion cut or a comb-out with minimal trimming, your cat's grooming depends on how tolerable your cat is.  Our groomers do everything possible to lessen the amount of stress your pet undergoes.  First time cat grooming appointments need to meet with one of our veterinarians to evaluate your cat's health...should the need for sedation arise.  Sedation is never used without your prior approval.
  Grooming - Paws By the Lake Resort
Pet Stenciling

Now we offer our four legged family members a way to celebrate the meaningful moments with us. Pet stenciling uses water based, non-toxic products that will last for approximately a week or two and washes out with a mild shampoo. This service allows your pets to partake in the holiday festivities or show their team spirit. Custom stenciling is also available. No matter what you’re celebrating... your pets will love all the extra attention their receiving.
  Grooming - Paws By the Lake Resort
Pet Coloring

Let your posh puppy's inner spirit shine through with our vast variety of pet coloring styles. These PETA approved, water based and non-toxic products allow us to change the color of your pet's coat for 6 - 18 weeks. Whether it's random color accents or something more drastically fun; this attention getter will make your pets the hit of the party no matter where they are.
  Grooming - Paws By the Lake Resort
Pet Photography

We provide quality in a safe, secure and familiar environment for your pet.  Pets can relax while we capture the true spirit of your pet.  We offer many packages to choose from.  Photo sessions are by appointment only.

  Pet Grooming Salon recommends a product called Angels' Eyes® specifically developed for BOTH DOGS & CATS to help eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out! Angels' Eyes® also helps to eliminate staining around the mouth and coats due to licking.  Our grooming staff will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in obtaining this product.

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